I highly disapprove of leaking personal photos. But I can’t take Tumblr seriously about the Jennifer Lawrence incident because of a few things: 

  1. You guys made memes out of Dylan Sprouse’s nudes and you praised his ex-girlfriend for leaking them. 
  2. You’re still spreading Calum Hood’s nudes 
  3. Some of you leak people’s address and threaten their lives because they have an opinion that counters yours. 


cat deeley is the next fappening nude





So, only criticize men. Even if women deserve criticism, do not criticize them. Only men. link
This is a real article, people!

You have got to be kidding me… I have not read the whole article yet, but will attempt to after my shower. This little blurb though… Seriously? Don’t criticize a woman just because she is a woman? I know I am personally very defensive and protective of women, but I do not believe in the slightest that they should be immune from all kinds of criticism. They are people and are still subject to being criticized for their views and stuff.- Mod Helga

Is this about Zoe Quinn? Y’know…I’m getting REALLY sick of people defending what she did. I don’t even care that she cheated - that shit is personal. I care that she used sex as a tool just to progress herself at the expense of others. Of course the first thing I found when I searched her name were countless articles defending her, one even saying they wished more people did this - that MORE people took the most selfish and destructive means to accomplishing what THEY want at the expense of the emotions of others. But no. You don’t want PEOPLE to be more like Quinn - you want women too. But here’s the thing. If we saturate the market with female devs who got there through scandal and cheating and lying, and leave behind the female devs who are decent fucking human beings, then that is how we get, well, the current market ruled by “free to play” and companies who often don’t give a shit about you (I’m looking at you EA). Selfishness is the PROBLEM not the fucking solution. But onto the main point, DON’T PERPETUATE THIS IDEA THAT YOU CAN’T CRITICIZE WOMEN. FUCK. THAT. Seriously, for all this harping about “damsels in distress” and how women can do anything, there sure are a lot of feminists who get really angry if you’re critical of a woman. Not of woman in general. Not of feminism. Of a person and their personal actions. And that’s fucking bullshit. Just for kicks I found the article this is from in which he claims “Well none of this is proven, and it’s just an angry ex, and blah blah blah”. The article itself even recognizes that many of the people angry at Quinn supported huge projects to promote women in the gaming industry - and yet still goes on to defend Quinn saying “Well it’s only ALLEGED that she tried to sabotage their project”. And it makes you wonder how much of a resume of horrible shit a person has to produce before you stop saying “alleged” and start thinking that maybe, just MAYBE she is an actual horrible person and realize that yes, WOMEN ARE FULLY CAPABLE OF BEING HORRIBLE PEOPLE. If criticizing women like Quinn are going to “drive women away from gaming” then clearly we as women do have a long way to go, but personally I think we have tougher skin than that, and more importantly, most women aren’t going to do the shit Quinn does. You can’t compare her to female devs that got there the honest way. - Mod Dawes Sr.





See instead of these horrible people who hack celebrities phones to leak their private photos, and text messages from their private lives, why can’t they use their skills for something…

Maybe never.

I hear there might be a second wave of nudes coming soon, everyone’s waiting for the guy to send em out, master troll if there ever were one.

After yesterdays leaks /r/nofap caved hard

Yeah fuck off mate.

random tumblr user: *scrolls and sees something about rape/racism/war/mental illness* OMG THATS TERRIBLE, I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !!
*continues scrolling*

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Honestly, Reddit and 4Chan are goldmines of morally questionable laughter tonight.


when vanessa hudgens nudes got leaked everyone made highschool musical jokes and nobody cared and I think it happened with miranda cosgrove too and now because its jennifer lawrence and victoria justice everyone decides to take a stand?? if you’re make an argument for respecting women why dont u try respecting all of them first and not just the celebrities you like???

it’s trendy to stick up for the hunger games star don’t you know. 


I will support Jennifer Lawrence and Calum Hood both through anything and everything. Both of these cases were an invasion of privacy. Neither being leaked was okay, But that doesn’t mean you should compare both of them.. Obviously both of them were young and hell, they are still learning. It’s their body, and they probably sent those to someone they trusted. How many teenagers have sent nudes, like honestly. You guys act like you’ve never seen tits or dicks before.




See instead of these horrible people who hack celebrities phones to leak their private photos, and text messages from their private lives, why can’t they use their skills for something like calling out the bullshit on the police in Ferguon? Or going against terrorism? You know something

They did… also it isn’t one person, also there is no “group” it is all individuals. Also lurk more.

Perhaps you were too busy finding the situation of the victims (Jennifer Lawrence in particular) of this hacking hilarious and because of that didn’t read what I said properly, due to your hysteria. My apologies for your affliction. I see it’s affected your ability for sentence structure too.

My point’s still valid that people did work against the Ferguson police, also this is tumblr who gives a fuck about sentence structure? Like it matters, stop being so small.

Oh god, bitches posting nudes to make JL feel better. Fucking hell.


Moments like these I fucking hate the internet